Sunday, May 13, 2007

The drawings below were done in 10–25 minutes using pastel or conté pencil of sanguine, sienna or umber colors on tones papers, though some, like Nude51(Gaze Away), were done on white paper. They are essentially a combination of gesture and precision contour drawings.

In life drawing class with my teacher Dr. Trapp during my student years, he would have us do gesture drawing and contour drawing at the beginning of the class every day, 30 minutes each. Pretty soon, I realized that if I am going to invest that much time in gesture and contour drawing day in and day out, I'd better come up with something that are more than just what they were basically intended for.

So, while I was attending quick-drawing sessions in the evening at Palette and Chisel, I continued to practice gesture and contour drawings in a slightly different manner than in classroom, and pretty soon developed something that is unique to my personality. Dr. Trapp seemed to have seen whatever was in me and encouraged me to continue to develop sensitive line quality.

Quicker drawings (1–5 minutes) are more gesture oriented, though I still treat my lines with light-handed approach. In longer pose drawings(10–25 minutes), I shift my emphasis more on delicate contours (its variation in weight and subtlety) to suggest the form.

Lorena II (Nude #55), 19"x12.5", pastel pencil on toned paper, sold

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