Saturday, May 12, 2007

During the quick-drawing session last night at Palette and Chisel, it occurred to me that my 1, 2, 3-minute gesture drawing is much like dancing. Now, I am not a dancer, by even in a casual standard. But while feverishly gliding my pencil on the surface of the paper to capture the beauty and energy of human figure in that fleeing moment, I came to visualize a dancer gracefully move on the dancing floor.
My pencil, which is an extension of my hand, eyes, and my artistic training and sensitivity, becomes a dancer. Wide open paper on the drawing board is a dancing floor where my creativity is limitless.

What a co-incidence, considering the fact that the very room where we were drawing used to function as a ballroom dancing floor for social events of this mansion that is now Palette and Chisel. Perhaps the spirits of those dancers who have once graced this floor over a hundred years ago evoked the idea in me.

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