Monday, May 7, 2007

Drawings posted in this blog are my quick figure drawings— drawings done from live model in the duration of anywhere from 1 minute to 25 minutes. Many of them were done at Palette and Chisel's quick-drawing sessions (more on Palette and Chisel later), but some were done in my private studio. Except for the ones described otherwise, I use Derwent drawing pencil (either venetian red or terra cotta) on white paper for 1 minute to 5 minute quick drawings. I use conté or pastel pencil for longer poses.

In addition to these quick figure drawings, I plan to post other types of drawings as well—head study, sketches, pastel works etc.

As I continue to explore and enjoy the beauty and dynamics of human figure on paper, I would like to share the result of my experience with others—artists, hobbyists, art enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the thrilling beauty of human figure and draftsmanship in art. So, enjoy them, and feel free to share your thoughts on them with me if so inclined.

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